Reports Report 2570j (Event 2570-2023)

This report has been linked to the following event: Event 2570-2023
NameCharles T
Experience Level2/5
RemarksThis was very intriguing observation which sure makes glad to be a night owl . I was along the Little Tennessee River approximately 10 to 15 miles down stream from Fontana Dam. The one main thing i want stress is that i heard what i think may be the sound of impact . This seemed distant and in the direction of travel. This is the area of The Smoky Mountain National Park, Brayson City . I thought about the aftermath of the Russian City that got a big surprise with aftershock from he'll. Thanks for the opportunity to report. Would love to get feedback.
Address, NC
Latitude35° 26' 11.78'' N (35.44°)
Longitude 83° 53' 19.72'' W (-83.89°)
Time and Duration
Local Date & Time2023-05-13 02:46 EDT
UT Date & Time2023-05-13 06:46 UT
Moving directionFrom up right to down left
Descent Angle248°
Facing azimuth310.89°
First azimuth212.53°
First elevation55°
Last azimuth90.33°
Last elevation32°
Brightness and color
Stellar Magnitude-17
ColorWhite with red streamers with sound
Concurrent Sound
RemarksA sharp loud crack
Delayed Sound
RemarksApproximately 12 to 15 sec. Later a low boom from the direction of flight.
Persistent train
RemarksBright flash followed by more sounds and even brighter quick flashes till clear revealed brack up became visible. White odject spilling fragments of red. Disappeared about 20 to 30 degrees above distant horizon. Plus this odject appeared to split. All fragments dissappear fast
Terminal flash
RemarksSeveral guick flashes with small white odject fragments of red .
RemarksFirst flash loud crack, seemed like lightning followed by fast even brighter secession of flashes. The direction of my walk faced the approximate direction of entry of odject. As I turned around I saw the daisy chian of red fragments as the chain seemed to split as it all dissappear Ed. I was truly amazed . I have to say i thought there was going to be a lond bang to follow . Not the case.